Through generous donations, the BURGER KING℠ Scholars program awards thousands of scholarships every year. Since 2000, we’ve awarded more than $35 million to students across North America. Here are a few great stories from our local BURGER KING℠ Scholars who are able to advance their education thanks to the many donations from people like you who chose to donate to the BURGER KING℠ Scholars program.


Rina_LakhlaniRina Lakhlani
Davie, FL
Yale University
Political Science and Government, 2021

“The beautiful thing about community service is that one action sets off a chain of events which ends up changing the world for the better. While I was working with The Elephant Sanctuary as an Ambassador to save elephants, it was clear that elephants, children, and the community were all affected by my efforts. The elephants had an ambassador for their rights in a time where everyone seemed to understand their situation but wanted to turn a blind eye to it. While many people like to avoid discussing the cruelty, I made it my mission for people to see the harsh reality of what actually happens.

“This scholarship will allow me the opportunity to continue my post-secondary educational goals without financial struggles as well as be the voice for animals and inspire those around me to do the same. A BURGER KING scholar is one who volunteers themselves wholeheartedly to the community. Receiving this scholarship is only a testament of what hard work and dedication rewards, and for that I thank you for believing in me and what our bright future holds.”



Andres Voyer
Boca Raton, FL
University of Pennsylvania
Mechanical Engineering, 2021

“Serving others has always been a passion of mine. Through my role as Key Club Vice President, I have been able to not only serve the community in various fundraising walks for disease research, by helping tutor elementary school kids, playing bingo with the elderly, and performing beach cleanups; but I have also had the opportunity to lead other kids in service and share my passion with them.

“My goal through college and upon graduation is to be able to develop a technological advancement that may either solve a problem or make something more efficient, ultimately helping people in their day-to-day lives. This would be very difficult to achieve without the proper education to teach me these technical skills and having the resources to do research in the field of engineering and technology. I feel truly honored and empowered by this scholarship knowing that other people are supporting me on the journey to my goal – to use my knowledge to give back to society.”

Maria_Suarez-NietoMaria Suarez-Nieto
Homestead, FL
Stanford University
Pre-Med, 2021

“Being a scholarship recipient is inspiring. Not only has it inspired me to work so much harder for my aspiration knowing that others within my community believe in my goals and support them, but inspired me to prove to others facing challenging atmospheres, including those in Latin America, that triumph is possible with perseverance and focus. With this scholarship, I will take my first steps towards pursuing my passion of becoming a neurosurgeon. I aspire to not only find solutions for populations faced with neurodegenerative disease, but change the human global experience through science. Not only so, but pursue solutions for health care issues in disadvantages nations, while promoting educational opportunities for a variety of disciplines for these nations’ youth. Above all, I hope to pursue a lifestyle where my everyday decisions can impact the lives of others, and improve my community for the benefit and progress of posterity to come.”